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The Fullness of Time
Acoustic - Folk
Previous peak charts position #53
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Tom Franz
May 01, 2010
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3:04 minutes
The Fullness of Time Words and Music by Tom Franz V1 In the fullness of time I will be fine I?ll come to understand Life?s ebb and flow V2 And that old sun will surely rise And I will learn to realize That love will come and go In the fullness of time Chorus But my right now is killing me And my future I can?t see The fullness of time will set me free But my right now is killing me V3 I am sure God has a plan But I cannot understand What in heaven?s name Am I to do V4 If I take the long view I?ll understand that losing you Made me a better man If I can withstand Chorus Bridge Please explain to me Why he would be The one that you would choose When I have got so much to loose He could never be As in love as me If indifference is attractive That is one thing I cannot be Chorus