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My Politics
Only through my eyes will one understand.............
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Trikker Treat
April 19, 2010
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Story behind the song
I AM AN OPEN BOOK. 1st verse left off intentionally. Sensitive.
CHORUS (Below) You, you better stop it ‘cause you do not understand my politics and how I rock. You say, you’re my biggest fan, but ya really hatin’ on me I can see it in your face. I just copped this record deal and you still catchin’ petty cases. VERSE 2 Me, me? Pride of Africa. You? Product of Attica. I put my visions down on paper now they call me radical. You’d lay down and take it with no attitude, I’m mad at ya. See my economics futuristic so just listen. I put ME in perspective now I’m in the best position, to put you up on business ‘cause it’s evident you missed it. Me? I’m the puppet master. You got a few strings attached. Me, I’m on the top today, but if I fall I’m bouncin’ back. You? Got a complex. You’re scared to follow dreams and money. Me? I’m just the opposite, Bi***, I’mma hit that ground runnin’. Chrome? Yes! When I cock it. Vendettas? Straight gunnin’. I ain’t gon’ ask no questions when I come. Ni***, duck and run. CHORUS VERSE 3 Me, me? I’’m the sh**, with me and you there’s no comparison. Trikker Treat physician, diagnosin’ all you amateurs. What you wanna do, listen to me while I rock it acapella? I ain’t stoppin’. I’m too hot, I got that fire, drop the beat. Bi***, I am a beast up on this mic(k), but I’m not Irish, check the bloodline. I get descriptive when I’m rippin’ bi*****, this the punchline. Servin’ all my haters, line ‘em up. Get in this lunch line. CHORUS
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