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Leather, Linen And Wool
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Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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May 12, 2010
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When you arrived you felt the wind on your skin And then were surprised what you found yourself in Cats, bears and hearts and most colourful stuff That you did not like and never were asked Leather, linen and wool Keep you from the heat and the cold The rain, the snow The snow See this sunday's jacket, it's not all new Your two brothers did like it, so it surely will do A stitch and a patch and it won't be that bad The very next year you'll be grown out of it Leather , linen and wool... Some clothes you wear because they fit you And some you wear because you have to There's dresses made for only one day And the suit Grandpa wore when walked away Leather , linen and wool... And then one day when my life is done And no coat will protect me from the hail and the storm Will you bury me in my favorite shirt That just like me will turn into dirt Leather , linen and wool...