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Beauty and Rain
An ambient/space music piece for electric guitar and synths. A bit reminiescent of "Rainbow Dome Music" by Steve Hillage.
World - New Age
Previous peak charts position #98
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Rob Wessel
July 02, 2011
MP3 8.0 MB
128 kbps bitrate
8:46 minutes
Story behind the song
The piece was more or less improvised. I started with just a basic idea on the guitar, hit record and found out later where it went. It ended up sounding a little like "Rainbow Dome Music " by Steve Hillage when I got done. Still a very cool album after all these years. Guitars, delays, lovely synth sounds. Both guitars in Beauty and Rain were a Hamer Artist Korina with Seymour Duncan 59 pickups through a Genz Benz El Diablo 60 amp into a Marshall 1-12 open back speaker. The delay is a Rocktron Replifex. I'm really liking what the compressor and saturation knob on my Presonus Eureka channel strip do for guitar tones! It makes the guitar sound warm and smooth. 7/2/2011: New version uploaded! The synth pads sounded a little too metalic so I found some softer sounding ones. First time using Absynth in a piece now! I still didn't wanna just wanna fall back on the ol' standby sawtooth analog sound.
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