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Mara-Bob Leslie
A pop-rock song with a touch of country.
Single - $0.75
Country - Alternative Country
Previous peak charts position #344
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #66
Bob Leslie
July 05, 2010
MP3 3.8 MB
128 kbps bitrate
4:08 minutes
Story behind the song
Inspired by Marvell's poem to his Coy Mistress and by a beautiful Dutch woman who hesitated between myself, her husband, and a lovely Levantine of the Sapphic persuasion who proved to be most persuasive! Boo hoo!
Mara, you can't judge the distance 'Twixt love and the grave And God knows if I Am one of the damned or the saved Honey, you won't even tell me If I'm enamoured or just enslaved Oh, oh, Mara, I don't want to wait Next minute could be too late Had we but world enough We could both strut our stuff Till the cows come home And the making of love We could come to it easy and slow If we had time, I would Write you a symphony Carve out a palace from stone But, Mara, that way A body could end up alone Mara, we're running a race With the sun and the stars And they don't stand still While we step through the dance of the hours If you won't run with me, baby, We're not going to get very far Oh, Mara, we're stuck on the line Darling, let's cross it this time Mara, when all of the sound and the fury has gone And we all look back at this rock'n'roll ride we've been on Will all you have be a list Of all of the things you ain't done? Oh Mara, I'm pledging my time Let's make it while our sun's still shining