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Paul Bernard
Paul Bernard
March 29, 2010
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this is like the next level to me this is what it means to be free hearing things I need to hear to believe feel the fresh air to breathe blue sky above me the sun shines make me feel like somebody loves me silly me how could I ever aloud myself to fall from this position my mission is not impossible my mission is to build your trust and make you love call my name and I will listen hey I'm so naive I really believe I can make a change show your face mask off those eyes were made out of love I wanna reach out and touch your soul hippie fantasies let the hate go feel your blood flow let em all know let the strength build let the faith grow feel the breeze I finally found some peace I close my eyes as I roam in these streets let the music lead the way as I struggle to stay awake is it a new beginning or just another day the cards don't say but I will play my hand I can handle life I can make this just give me your heart and a kiss and I will walk unknown territories you give me strength and courage I will climb to the top and I will touch the sun and I will shine through space and time you and I the world is yours and you are mine I must confess unless you take my breath away I will do my best to stay on this path there's a thin fine between love and hate if you ever doubt know that we are great and as the clouds gather and the sky darkens up I see raindrops collide with the concrete I let the wind sing it?s song whatever it was that caused the pain it?s gone ready for whatever just let it come (come on) as I stand in the middle of the road small hands in my palms I am the shield the protector of my sons I am the front line soldier of our love I am a mountain rocks and stones the weight of the world can?t crack these bones family values not diamonds and gold my words my life my heart my soul my broken english my music my voice my goals my dreams my choice I?m doing all right I feel just fine as I put on my headphones and a big dollar smile I?m ready to walk the next mile