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Who's Next? is a great Support-Our-Troops Song for the times
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Christopher Storc
January 26, 2004
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2:42 minutes
Story behind the song
This is a support-the-troops song that closely follows the American war effort.
(VERSE I) They came without a warnin’ and a battle was declared A generation’s innocence was shattered in despair Before we finished grievin’ we put our ships to sea It was time to take the battle to our deadly enemies (CHORUS) Through the gates of Hell, we’ll drive them all away Send them there to stay, to earn the Devil’s pay Through the gates of Hell, they’ll arrive on Judgment Day And one-by-one we’ll say: ‘Who’s next?’ ‘Who’s next?’ (VERSE II) The first to feel our fury were hidin’ in their caves You could hear the Devil laughin’ when we turned ‘em into graves Their leaders took to runnin’ for a shelter in the storm But the thunder just kept comin’ from the troops in uniform (REPEAT CHORUS) (VERSE III) The storm was like an omen as it spread across the land We hunted down our enemies and made ‘em understand If you put your faith in madmen, you’re gamblin’ with your lives And when you hear the thunder roar, it’s time to pay the price (REPEAT CHORUS) (BRIDGE) The legends of the desert tell a tale…. Of a hauntin’ laughter howlin’ in the wind…. When choosin’ sides, you’d better choose ‘em well…. Or the thunder will come rollin’ through again…. (REPEAT CHORUS)
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