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I, Butterrfly
A song dedicated to my right to live. Not the right to die
Pop - Pop General
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Kateryna Fury
Kateryna Fury
March 07, 2010
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4:17 minutes
Story behind the song
The right to die movement ignores my right to live. Sure they think all disabled people want to die... so why not tell them otherwise? I WANT TO LIVE!
(humming) I feel alive! I feel so free today. Yesterday I wanted to die. Thank the gods it didn't turn out that way. I... am free! As a Butterfly! I fly over the trees Looking down on the caterpillar, I used to be... My life is not the same it could have been My life is a struggle, it always has been! and I know suffering. Oh I know suffering. But today, simple things brought me joy. Held my cat, went and stared at the sun Now as I lay me down to rest... I feel free alive I feel alive Please don't think less of me for not wanting to die My body and my life aren't yours to supervise So set me free Let me be Set me free Let me be I just want to be alive! I fought, I've suffered I've cried.. a thousand tears or more I've died maybe a hundred times yet I keep coming back for more. So maybe you should take your urge to kill me and you should seek help, not me. Wanting to live, if it were anyone else would not be seen as bad I just want to fly I just want to fly I just want sing And maybe you will someday see Life for someone like me? Can be breathtaking! So come on and fly with me I will show you the butterfly dance Come on and fly with me I will show you if you just take a chance We can look at the flowers, watch the sun rise and when the sunsets and we close our eyes We'll be alive tomorrow! It may be hard It may hurt Some may say it's wrong to live this way But we can be a butterfly Who doesn't want to fly? So let us live and let us be Even if our lives aren't perfect harmony I live right now! I live today! I know and I love.. Being a butterfly... So watch me fly away!