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The Coffin Song
This song is written from the perspective of someone buried alive. The woman is any woman touched by domestic violence, and this song is in honor of those who survived, those who did not, and those who are surviving and those who break the cycle.
Acoustic - Acoustic Vocals
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Kateryna Fury
Kateryna Fury
March 07, 2010
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Story behind the song
My own survival. Domestic violence is a horrible issue that is under reported, and if you choose to fight you may be left to do so alone. The police may just fail you. The song is sung as if you are suffocating in a coffin. Macabre, but, so is attempted murder.
I'm Dead Now. I'm gone now. No one noticed. My Death Now. Maybe somone. Someday. Will find my bones. where I lay. I'm gone now. I'm Dead Now. It's not okay. My life ended this way. It's Murder. I feel Sorrow. I did not see this coming. and he walks away. I'm Dead now. There's no hope. There's no chance to win this fight. I'm dead now. I've felt so weary but I still wanted to try again tomorrow. All of my dreams All of my hopes Every desire Any chance I could change the world Is dead with me... No body notices that I'm gone No one to miss me I am alone Not even a proper grave Wishes ignored I'm Dead now No one can hear me scream, no. And he walks away. He is free to live another day. And it's true that maybe if I'd lived just one more day.... Someone would know my name. Someone would miss me. I would have found my identity Instead if they find me and they learn my name they will place the blame on me for daring to live... It should not matter It does not matter... Because I'm dead now... Nothing left to matter to me! So make it matter. Make it matter to you. because he's coming for you. And just like me he'll make sure... That no body misses you. That no body loves you That you don't see tomorrow and any dreams you have die with you... You'll be in my chorus We will will sing The only song left He'll hear it in the wind I'm dead now Buried somewhere Long forgotten If only someone had cared I'm dead now My voice is the wind now Lamenting life now Lamenting who I wanted to be. But I'm dead now So let me go now. Maybe he'll care for you but he murdered me I'm gone now The wind stops blowing Even my voice is... Fading... I'm dead now