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Magic Love feat. RedEyeC
Syntopia & RedEyeC (c) 2010
Pop - Pop General
Previous peak charts position #30
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #21
B.Forbes - S.Ehlers
Syntopia & RedEyeC
March 06, 2010
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192 kbps bitrate
4:07 minutes
Story behind the song
Bob has written the Lyrics after he listen the instrumental Version. also he play Guitar and give the fantastic vocals to the track...thanks so much
Magic Love – Lyrics by Bob Forbes Far away in a distant land There is a life. A life of constant pleasure Of a different kind. It is only in a dream That one can get there safely. Get there to see the hype, Get there to take a try. Waking up on another dimension, Thinking it could be real. But each time I take a breath, I imagine of what I feel. And then in an instant She appeared from the sky. I shivered with anticipation At such beauty ever to find. A magic love Nothing can even match the sense Of the fire burning inside, Of desire in learning how. It's a magic love. Something that nature's taken course. Never again in a lifetime, Could I feel that magic love.
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