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I'm Here To Praise You
Upbeat praise/rock
Rock - Christian Rock
Previous peak charts position #665
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #43
Bob Castelline
2010 Bob Castelline
March 02, 2010
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3:46 minutes
This is the day You have made I will rejoice and be glad You are the King of kings And You have done great things By the powa€™r of Your hand You heard my cry and rescued me Now Ia€™m gonna sing out joyfully Ia€™m here to praise You Ia€™m here to praise You Ia€™m here to praise You And nothina€™ could ever stand in my way, no This is Your house, mighty Lord And it is good to be here The devil runs and hides For You are by my side There is no reason to fear You have crushed the enemy Now Ia€™m gonna sing triumphantly I'm here to praise You, Lord ... I'll praise You for eternity Forever singing joyfully