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Hope & Change
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Country - Country General
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Herb Hartley
September 06, 2012
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4:32 minutes
Story behind the song
This is a political view on the situation...as I see it.
I listen to the promises of jokers on TV. Up there in the district, they're on a spending spree. Promising to make new jobs and spending lots of dough. To study salamanders and trees in Borneo. I listen to their speeches on my AM radio. Common sense has died when ever did it go? I am just a simple man I work hard with my hands. The things they are doing, I don't understand I Provide for my family, I work hard every day I see my dollars wasted, they're not fixing my highway The politicians scratch their backs but they ain't scratching mine If they'd get outta my way, I would be doing fine. How is that hope and change working for you now? Obama's in the white house, my job just headed south. My dollar's taxed to death, just flush it down the hole. We can't drill for (gas) oil, and we can't dig for coal. This country is bankrupt, we're running out of cash. They're giving 'way lots of money from el presidante's stash The retirement plan is broke, don't touch that sacred cow. How is all that hope and change working for you now? The day is coming and I will not forget. The promises they broke and all the money that they spent. The country's in a hole and we better guide it back. We're gonna clean the house,and fire those kleptomaniacs Send them back to their hometown where they can do no harm Let them find a job back there flipping burgers or working on a farm Chorus I'll probably soon be getting a phone-call, text or a fax from the FBI, the CIA or some beauracratic hack demanding all my records, and my sign of zodiac They'll send me up the river and I won't be coming back Chorus
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