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Fly On the Wall
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #219
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #130
Akademik Productions
February 11, 2010
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3:19 minutes
Story behind the song
Boredom breeds brilliance.
I think with just enough practice…. One day, they’ll build a field for me like I was ‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson… And there are so many backstabbers… So When I get a Million dollars, will I be the one that they are after? (Ha-ha)Well, Life is like a b*** … So I spit hieroglyph… Na, you won’t see nothing like me on your whole entire trip… I Walk 1000 miles I don’t think you know what Tired is… When you’re on the bottom you see just how hot the fire gets… Now they adore it, I’m blazing a forest, soul is so enormous… Brain Storming, got em’ rocking’ like Rigormortis… I am so high, I orbit… And if you go with Akademik, there won’t ever be a gasoline shortage… So see me as an artist, far from garbage… Never a target And I’m hot like the 1st bears’ porridge… Then I strip em’ down to their organs… Because they know one thing I can’t afford is to kill them all before the chorus… ---------------------- Chorus Claim that you’re the truth, who are you in this age…. They hate me cuz I’m new like a Ludacris fade… Always doubted that we could do it this way… So quit with all that hatin’ let the music just play… ----------------------- Times torn,caught inside of a rhyme storm… On this mic, I’m like Optimus Prime x’s 4… A carnivore, Mechanical Cyborg… I warn, any country who would try to come and conquer my shores… Sickest man spittin, no other person around me… You take Sean away, and they’d be dope sick without me… Lifted off life, while you’re hittin on them brown trees… Half them people’d be broke if they couldn’t talk about streets… I specialize in taking pens and putting sh** into perspective… On the hunt to kill a record and watch it’s angel fly to Heaven… Alone Star like I’m Texas, trying’ to send a message… They know that I’m the sickest, but I don’t get credit… F*** the world, Yeah, Finally got my Penis in… Run like 28, they call me, ‘All Day’ Peterson… One last thing, so don’t forget this… They say, Demik and Top Knotch will leave em’ sleepin’ with the fishes…
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