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The Power Of Love
Music & lyrics: Cathy Wilson / Robert Baitinger
Pop - Pop General
Previous peak charts position #672
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #143
Robert Baitinger / Cathy Wilson
Robert Baitinger / Cathy Wilson
February 09, 2010
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Story behind the song
THE POWER OF LOVE Music & lyrics: Cathy Wilson, Robert Baitinger Instruments: Robert Baitinger Vocals: Robert Baitinger Production: Robert Baitinger
The Power of Love Music & lyrics: Cathy Wilson / Robert Baitinger (First verse) It's a new morning, it's a beautiful day The sun's shining brightly, things are going my way I feel like I’m floating, I'm walking on air This is an emotion that I want to share (Second Verse) It's a new feeling, they say it's called love Where did it come from, was it sent from above I feel it all over through my heart and my soul When you're around I tend to loose my control (Chorus) It comes upon me again and again Coming again to me now I know it's for real and I know it's so true I can't get enough of the power of love I can't get enough of the power of love The power of The power of – love (Third Verse) Love is the answer for you and for me It brings us together so naturally Come join me now and we'll go hand in hand Together we'll make our lifetime master plan Chorus (c) 2008 Cathy Wilson, Robert Baitinger