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A song that mulls the condition of our personal and global safety.
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Psychic Monkey
Psychic Monkey
January 29, 2010
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Do you remember when Our fathers built a sturdy tent To keep us warm Safe from the snow and storm. Slept with arrows on the bed-side Spears on the door-side To protect against the wild. Hours burnt by the fire Keeping an eye on the tigers To protect the family From wily predators. Now we are safe, aren't we Killed the bears, wolves, and lions, didn't we We slept deep at nights Nothing left to hurt us. Is that right? We are safer than ever Nuclear warheads at each other. Under watch at every inch, every corner Flying machines looping..overhead Transmissions of opinions...tapped. Reasons for suspicion. Alarm, motion detectors, lie detectors, Body scanners, and drug sniffers Just in case The beastly men turn on us. We are not safe from our own kind. In this fog, we are blind. We don't know where we came from No idea where we go But we know we want what's left of this And we want it now. Are we safe from our own kind Are we safe from our own kind Are we safe from our own kind? - -
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