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Beautiful Marie
"Beautiful Marie" is a song about my best friend's (Teresa's) mother, Marie Soito.
Acoustic - Acoustic General
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Kathy Moxham/Greg Breit
2003 Kathy Moxham/Greg Breit
January 21, 2004
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3:36 minutes
Story behind the song
"Beautiful Marie" is a song about my best friend's (Teresa's) mother, Marie Soito. Marie loved pandas and purple, motown and mothering, her friends and especially her family. Marie passed away in December, and we miss her alot. She was full of life, love and happiness. Marie and I went on a shopping trip, and I purchased the dress I'm wearing with the boa over there. (!) "Beautiful Marie" started with a poem by Jeff Curtis adapted to Marie's likes and loves. The music and a song was added for Marie's vigil. I passed the song to Greg Breit, Teresa's husband, via the internet, and he created the lead guitar piece. At the vigil, Greg and I met for 15 minutes beforehand and practiced. This was the first time I had heard Greg's part, and it was so beautiful, that I had to tune it out to remember my lines. I have to do that with Doug's guitar all the time so I was well practiced... We played that night with Teresa holding a mic between us. Afterward, there was another internet exchange of tracks, Doug mixed and mastered, and a recording resulted which sounds very close to what was played at Marie's vigil. Doug and I would like to send you a CD of the song if you wish if you are friends or family of the Soito's. Just email kathy@kathymoxham.com. Thank you Greg and Doug! Thank you Marie for inspiring me to live a kinder, more fun-filled and full life.
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