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The Day All Ends (Piano & Vocal only Ver.)
Song only version. This version has no explosion sound at the beginning. The song with sound effects is here.a http://soundclick.com/share?songid=8390725
Acoustic - Acoustic Vocals
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Words by Hikaru Nishikawa/ Music by Yoshie Kubota
2009@Hikaru Nishikawa & Yoshie Kubota
January 25, 2010
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192 kbps bitrate
9:05 minutes
Story behind the song
Pray for our planets and worlds future.......
"The Day All Ends" by Hikaru Nishikawa (Transcribed by Yoshie Kubota) Will you be there at the day all ends ? Will you still alive at the day everything is gone ? Like the flowers on this earth..... Like the birds in the sky..... The Day All Ends. Nothing will be left at all. The Day All Ends. Everything will be Nothing. No more birds singing. Just the wind is blowing. That is a day. The Day All Ends. Do you know there were many lives here? Do you know they were living happily? If you shut out your eyes to think about love now...... If you shut out your ears to hear your dream(future) now... Everything will be disappeared. Everything will be THE END.
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