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what have i done
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sharon allitt
June 18, 2002
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what have i done 2001 sharon allitt they built their buildings under a blue sky they built their cities tall they tore down the trees until there was no trees left at all then one day they looked around they said oh lord, what have i done theres nothing left for us to look upon your creation is gone what have i done where has it all gone didnt we leave anything for the next generations to come why do we need to 2nd guess &recreate what we dont understand what we dont know should we shut off the moon if it shines too bright at night or turn the sun up if it gets too cold why do we need so many high priced restaurants when we cant feed the people in the street below i dont know about you but ive gotta conclude that i dont want to say it later i dont want to have to ask myself to calculate it what have i done what have i done what have i left here for the next generations to come what have i done what have i done what have i left here, what have i effected what have i saved, what have i neglected what have i cared for or misplaced did i vote did i protest what did i fight for or against what have i believed in or denied freely given chose to hide have i told a truth or told a lie take the fence or take a side full of it or full of pride you really do decide to walk or take the ride but in my own defense i could have just followed along