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Kia - Don't Let Words Hit You (Lyrics by Edifice)
This sounds like some Dance/Electro/Funk Track Attempt... Kia singing. Lyrics/beat by me.
Electronic - Dance
Previous peak charts position #892
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #33
Kia (Lyrics by Edifice)
Painkill INC
January 27, 2010
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2:57 minutes
I'm tryin to figure out, what I did.... to you// I can't keep my mind, off of it... cuz it's you// I'm tryin to see if I.. have lost it... with you// by expressing myself through rhymes, cause I miss you// don't let words hit you// My words hit you... my words hit you.. my words hit you.. looks like my words hit you... [Repeat 1x]