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Country - Bluegrass
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Lyrics, Lynn Orloff, Music, Joe Wrabek
Lynn Orloff
January 19, 2010
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"Wildflowers" (c)2009 Lynn Orloff I got myself a brand new beau, he spoils me good Lord it shows He sends me long stemmed roses everyday And while I think it's really sweet, it doesn't sweep me off my feet And so I had to tell him right away Chorus Just give me wildflowers that you picked on your own Don't want those store-bought roses you ordered on the phone No fancy dyed carnations, all I want are God's creations Give me wildflowers if you wanna melt my heart If you think I'd be impressed, then I suggest that you think less If a fancy box arrives on my front porch All I want is a bouquet, that you hand picked on your way All I want are wildflowers everyday (or this verse) I'm not one to break tradition but I'll stick to my position I'm not like the other girls in this regard If you want to melt my heart, there's a real good way to start All I want are wildflowers everyday Repeat Chorus Bridge If makin' me happy is what you have in mind Those roadside jewels are just the thing, they'll charm me everytime Final Chorus Just give me wildflowers, field daisies nothing more Don't want expensive blooms delivered to my door All I need are nature's finest If you want to show some kindness Give me wildflowers if ya wanna melt my heart.