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Siren of the New Year
Analogy between the new year and a siren of ancient myth. As the new year begins, we are enticed by it. Although we may understand that our ship will eventually be wrecked, we can defer that until later, and we allow ourselves to be seduced.
Jazz - Smooth Jazz
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Alan Marscher
2010 by Alan Marscher
January 17, 2010
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Eternal attraction...every interaction Fills the memory and the senses Beauty to delight my touch and my sight Pierces my armor of pretenses Playful flirtations, enticing sensations Call internal forces to action Without my permission offer full submission To the irresistible attraction "Open each ear and soon you will hear I'll sing sweetly and clear, you have nothing to fear" Beckons the voice now so near Resists my reason sincere Insists I have nothing to fear The Siren of the new year
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