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Being a Wallflower is Nothing to be Proud of
Being a Wallflower is nothing to be Proud of
Rock - Punk
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Russell Womack/Color Tonite Red
Color Tonite Red
December 17, 2004
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Lyrics by Russell Womack Copyright 2004 Color Tonite Red Publishright 2004 Being a Wallflower You're watching shining faces dance around the room. There's glitter in the air, as well as love. You stand parallel to the wall, to those of your kind, not making eye contact with anyone. Anyone can see that you're not happy with your life. With yourself. What are you waiting for? Make this life your own. What are you dreaming for? When your ankles are tied to stones. You watch life pass you by. Don't dance, just sway back and forth. Reflections of light catch your eye but you don't tell anyone else in your corner. Lifeless, luckless as it seems. Potentioal organ donors stand around and wait for death to come. Wide asleep, alone and dreaming of seeing life through someone elses eyes. They spin like a carousel, but it's hard to tell if they see you drinking your 5th glass of punch, trying to drown yourself. You can dance. You can die. Just go ahead and have the time of your life. What if this is the last time. What if this is really it? What if tonite is the nite. What if this is your last chance? What if this is how you die, car wreck on your way home? Will you just sit idly by or will you turn your face to his?
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