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Dont Think, Just Rock!
Tongue in cheek madness for a mad world!
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Rock - Rock n Roll
Previous peak charts position #33
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
2012 VMP
January 01, 2010
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320 kbps bitrate
2:52 minutes
Story behind the song
Pretty self-explanatory, no rocket science here. The bridge part is completely tongue in cheek, LMAO! Enjoy?!
Dont Think, Just Rock!......Words and Music by VMP Those bosses love to spew, Romantics need to jam. Big egos live to persecute, Politicians? They just dont give a damn. Just Rock, Dont Think Just Rock! You know we really oughta roll, Dont Think, Just Rock! Dont Stop, Dont Think, Just Rock! Empty heads come with them long tongues, Reality stars are all wack. What's up wth the MTV? They need to bring the music back. Repeat Chorus You got the rock and roll soul, That turns you inside out. Struggle, struggle, struggle, struggle, Hold on to that huge heart........... Bridge (Spoken, LMAO!) I see you stuck on the treadmill, You're feelin' all sold out. Forever nursing that broken heart, Then man, Dont Think, Just Rock! Repeat Chorus
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