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Away From Home Soldiers
A country song Honoring our men and women in the military.
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Country - Country General
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Helen DeBaker (DeBacker)
Helen DeBaker (DeBacker)
December 27, 2009
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Story behind the song
I wrote this song on June 10, 1991. Originally called "Welcome Home Soldiers" for the soldiers returning from Kuwait. In 2001, I changed the title to "Away From Home Soldiers" for the soldiers going to war in Afganistan. It is copyrighted both ways. This song gave me the inspiration to finish a album of my own original music. The album called, Helen DeBaker, " My Music " is available on over 60 internet sites. "Away From Home Soldiers" was voted , Top Pick" on one of the military radio stations.
"Away From Home Soldiers" Away from Home soldiers, America's proud of you Leaving your friends and your families and all you have there are memories to hang onto. Away from home soldiers, America's proud of you So far away, May God bless, Giving your selves and doing your best for your fellow man, and for your country land. America, America's proud of you It takes courage for a woman, for a man To go off too places where they've never been Strength in mind and a body that is strong It takes to win this war that has begun. Chorus: Soldiers on Land, Ships and Planes May never see their home land again Going where the bombs and bullets fly Theres a chance one will take their life.
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