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south american hottie
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Our ode to Governor Sanford
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Fred Strickland parody Lonnie Donegan
Fred Strickland 2009
December 24, 2009
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Story behind the song
What if your state lost a governor?
What if your state lost a governor in the wilds of Argentine? When your Houses passed a law, there'd be no one there to sign. Foul play might be suspected, but perhaps he was playin' just fine. What if your state lost a governor to the wiles of Argentine? 'Twas an event most queer: the governor disappeared From South Carolina, God-fearing South Carolina! Was it kidnapping or capture? Or a case of early rapture? No, it seems the gov had met a love and went running off to catch her! What if your state lost a governor to a quest for true romance? Before you criticize, take a walk in Sanford's pants. He didn't break family values 'cause his wife had told him, "Good riddance!" What if your state lost a governor in a case of blue romance? In these dire financial times, when everyone's pinching dimes, It's a governor's mission to provide his state relief from Our economic wreckage...that was the point of Sanford's emissage! Well, you must concede he did succeed In bringing home a stimulus package! What if your state lost a governor to a wild weekend party With an exotic and delicious South American Hottie? Would you be morally outraged, Or just jealous you couldn't be that naughty? What if your state lost a governor to a South American Hottie I don't know why you're getting so distressed It's just a simple case of man and his mistress A dollar is a dollar and a dime is a dime We'd sing another chorus but we're off to Argentine to find a South American Hottie.
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