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We Worship You Lord
A simple song of worship.
Pop - Contemporary Christian
Previous peak charts position #573
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #65
William C. Daviet
March 08, 2005
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192 kbps bitrate
2:12 minutes
Story behind the song
This song was born from a bass riff. Everything else followed from there.
Verse: We come into Your presence * Before Your throne of grace * We’re here to give You honor * You’re worthy of our praise * We lift the name of Jesus * We’ll never be ashamed * As we say – We worship You Lord Chorus For Jesus You alone, are worthy of all honor and glory * The image of our Father * Redemption sent from heaven to earth* We’re humble in Your presence as we gather here to say that we love You * We lift You up! And we worship You, Lord!
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