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Heavenly Rainbow
Schafe's music is a blend of Classic Rock and Christian, with an array or styles ranging from Pop to Blues to Heavy Rock, Country, and some with a Caribbean Feel
Pop - Contemporary Christian
Previous peak charts position #501
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #89
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Copyright 2008
December 22, 2009
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320 kbps bitrate
3:39 minutes
Story behind the song
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Heavenly Rainbow Because you know my mind Lord you know just why, you are my world. When I sleep, you are my dreams, You are my means, forever. Late at night, I visualize what you mean to me. You know you are all the things I see, In a rainbow Through my eyes I see the beauty of all of your creation How it is to look upon so grand Your promise that stands Like a Rainbow All the colors are real And they have meaning to me, and I know, That my lifea€™s become complete With a rainbow Your rainbow to me, Is, a miracle to see Ita€™s made, from heaven above. My life has been like a storm, Jesus you came along, And brought a rainbow to me Lord you read my thoughts, And you know that they are all of you. Everything I think and say and do, Just leads me to, such a rainbow. I know ita€™s hard to believe, That love can be pure as gold, but ita€™s so, While I live my life beneath, Your heavenly rainbow Music & Lyrics by Schafe