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Jesus Christ Will Reign Forever
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A bold and direct Christian praise song.
Pop - Contemporary Christian
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William C. Daviet
August 14, 2008
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Story behind the song
I was contemplating why I worship, and what I would say to Jesus if He was standing before me. I began with a simple strum pattern and wrote this song in about 1/2 hour. I tweaked it a bit but almost all of it is as originally written. It became very popular in a local church during the worship service. It was easy to teach it to the band and praise team because it's a very simple chord progression. The challenge was for the singers. The words come very fast and direct. You need to very much plan your next breathe in the chorus.
Verse 1: I've come to worship and to praise Your holy name* To sing and dance before You, to thank You for Your grace* With a shout, I will proclaim* Jesus Christ will reign forever!* Verse 2: Lord You're my Redeemer, my Savior and my Friend.* The font of living water, who fills me from within* I bow my head before Your throne and I proclaim* Jesus Christ will reign forever! * Verse 3: Though You are the mighty one Your mercy knows no bounds.* Redeemed me out of darkness I was lost but now I'm found* I lift my hands, receive my offering* Let Your glory fill this place* Chorus: Oh I remember from where I came* It was through Your loving mercy that I came to know Your name* You bathed me in the blood of Jesus and took away my shame* The reflections of Your glory, brightly light my way* Though I walk through shadows even darkness, Ill ever seek Your face* Lord Jesus, You'll reign forevermore!
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