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Rose Colored Glasses
Written for a novel, The Blue Door. Based on Phil 4:8
Acoustic - Folk
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Christopher M Solaas
December 07, 2009
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Story behind the song
Well, I really can't say too much about this song or it might give away some cool points in the plot of my story. But suffice it to say that if we focus on those lovely, true, pure, and right things in this world, we'll see things in a 'different light' and perhaps be happier for the change. That is, rather than dwelling on the things that are wrong, ugly, and of bad report.
Rose-Colored Glasses Phil:4:8 This world is a mess, there is pain and despair And there isn't a glimmer of hope in the air But you'll be so much happier, freer of care When looking through rose-colored glasses. In this world there is trouble, and sorrow, and dying And much of our time seems all tied up in crying But life would be better when laughing and sighing So look through those rose-colored glasses. These magical glasses of rose-colored hue Will help heal the heart of the saddest of you For you'll see all that's right, and lovely and true With these magical, the magical rose-colored glasses. So when you feel troubled, and tempted to bawl Just put on a pair; see the good in us all And if someone you know just gave up on it all, Just hand them some rose-colored glasses.