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Dancing Snow
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Mr. AL solo track. Deep-meaning track with sick flow and plausible lyrics. A must-listen. Produced by 2Deep on the Anno Domini page.
HipHop - Positive Vibes
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Mr. AL/2Deep
December 05, 2009
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---- Verse 1 it's dark and it's cold, another quiet winter night/ but I'm wandering alone, and treading through the dimmer light/ I see what is significant, I'm no beginner right/ c uz I've seen in which you're listenin', of souls the withered type// But mine is no better, becuz one of our greatest flaws/ is thinking we solve problems, just by breaking other's face n’ jaws/ ..It’s kinda, stupid how we make decisions/ over some false accu-sations, so this land is soon deminished// we lose memories, and once they are departed/ we’re unable to re-call, them we’re left at where we started/ we’re back at square one, where we walked it’s still un-charted/ but I’ll start a new journey, and this time I’ll try to mark it// we build images, of course they’ll have the bad/ but it’s over when it’s finished, there’s no way to bring it back/ no way to erase, the wrong committed in the past/ keep the positive in mind, let the happy moments last// ---- Chorus we gotta keep movin', gotta keep strong/ keep a steady pace, when the trail gets long/ gotta keep movin', gotta keep strong/ don't lose direction, when the heavy snow falls// we gotta keep livin', gotta keep a glow/ spread emotions out, gotta let the thoughts flow/ gotta keep livin', gotta keep a glow/ enjoy the chilly weather, warm up to the dancing snow// ---- Verse 2 my shoes are getting filled, with these solid bits of water/ but I really don't mind, the more I get the less I'm bothered/ my feet are getting numb, yet my soul is burning hotter/ I'm remindin' that I'm living, and this cold is just a starter// to recognize my feelings, so I start off with the physical/ then test the mental power, these emotions are so mystical/ shown inside the music, put my heart in every syllable/ but why I'm so emotional, has gotten people whimsical// questioning the quest, why the hearts inside our chest/ can be broken by irrelevance, why do we work our best/ to lighten up the stress, and gain indepen-dance/ so we're using our own heads, stay in our sens-es// suppose it makes sense, and it's simply just oxymorons/ take a wild guess, as to why these little rocks be purin'/ on the parade, the clouds bring the shade/ and the sun dissi-pates, we don't part different ways// ---- Chorus ---- Verse 3 I try to make a difference, keep the music quite persistent/ people stop to sit n' listen, I tell them all they been missin'/ and while I'm reminiscin', they're compelled to make decisions/ how to loosen up the stiffness, of the struggles that they live with// cure them from the sickness, that they got while growing old/ I stay steady on the mission, shelter from the blowing cold/ hands inside my mittens, ever since the snowing rolled/ but I'm purring like a kitten, huddled in its mother's hold// try to understand, life is like a rubber band/ you throw somethin' and it's comin' back, and maybe make you shudder (damn)/ take another hand, then go strongly to the thunder and/ think of summer lands, as you're workin' all together (stand)// ...not, much else to say but congrats/ sure you didn't move fast, but you're gaining ground and that's/ some really good progress, don't ever cease the process/ just keep in mind you got this, and you'll become frostless// ---- Chorus x2
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