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Blues Gone Wild
Alternative - Alternative General
Previous peak charts position #33
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #8
Road Apples
B. Christine Songs 2009 (SOCAN)
December 02, 2009
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Verse 1 Don’t make no sense don’t make no waves Don’t rock the boat again Don’t leave me there don’t take me down Don’t walk away again Sometimes it hurts to stand alone You won’t be satisfied until my cover’s blown Chorus The Blues gone wild The world surviving for another day The blues gone wild It’s driving me crazy, driving me crazy, driving me crazy Verse 2 My lips are sealed my needs are real That’s what I tell myself I look around I’m underground I will not sell myself Sometimes you’ve got to turn away Sometimes you gotta lose to win another day Chorus Bridge I want you to know I want you to know right now Yeah - you been bad for me babe And I know I just can’t take it no more This ain’t no good you know by now This is the final call I don’t believe you know the game You don’t know much at all Sometimes you’ve got to cut and run Some others tied in chains will never be undone Chorus twice November 21, 2009
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