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256. We've come a knocking.
Christmas carol for singing on the doorstep.
Pop - Contemporary Christian
Previous peak charts position #196
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #25
John Hartley / John Hartley
Copyright (c) John Hartley 2009
November 25, 2009
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Story behind the song
WE'VE COME A KNOCKING We've come a knock-knock-knocking, knocking on your door, for we want to tell you that our Christmas is much more! More than presents, more than cake, more than parties with a tummy ache! We've a reason why this season is so special: Yea! Christmas starts with Jesus Christ who was born on Christmas Day. Yea! We've come a bang-bang-banging, banging on your gate, mate, we want to give a reason you can celebrate! God likes people, me and you, that's why he became a baby Jew! Here's the reason why this season is so special: Yes! Christmas starts with Jesus Christ who was God in human flesh. Yes! We've come a ring-ring-ringing, ringing on your bell, well we've got the most amazing news we long to tell! God was born to rescue us: that's the meaning of the name "Jesus". He's the reason why this season is so special: Yo! Christmas starts with Jesus Christ and the whole wide world should know. Yo! The last two lines of each verse are repeated, and the words "Yea!", "Yes!" and "Yo!" are to be shouted rather than sung. Words and music copyright © John Hartley 2009. All rights reserved. STORY BEHIND THE SONG This is a Christmas Carol to be sung over the doorstep of someone's house while going out Carol singing. Hence the first line. And it was written especially to make the point that Christmas starts with Christ - hence the last couplet in each verse.
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