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My Flesh Forlorn My Soul
This is probably the first song that i wrote and compose!
Metal - Death/Black Metal
Previous peak charts position #184
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #26
November 22, 2009
MP3 2.4 MB
64 kbps bitrate
5:10 minutes
Story behind the song
The song was done with 'ROT'
My Flesh Forlorn My Soul Nothingness it lays Extirpating silence.. Entrails inside incinerating with fierce Disease of err Extol decapitation for me The whores of mankind Wants me to die again Dueling with armed void and imminent disappearance All I witness is tragedy Ridden in this recumbent body In my tomb of unworthiness So much lost inside Dare I die this time Impiety over fate Inside these wall I fight Vanity it lies, the times gradation Recondite hiss on dusk’s depravation Forfeited my jewel for some earthy rule From her tumbrel my soul elude My flesh forlorn my Daunted to live again it rots Feeding the maggots Depriving me dwell Coitusing with the end it rots My flesh forlorn my soul Hallowed be thy name Salvate my wish Incur the spectre Dig my flesh from thy earty For I shall render rotten wounds And blood in thy altar Extortion upon destiny I shall arise Infusing on bats blood I shall arise My madness tangles abyss reality Unlike being abolish I rot to live again.