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Acoustic - Acoustic Vocals
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Mike Pilling
Mike Pilling 2009
November 21, 2009
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4:00 minutes
Story behind the song
Written as part of a songwriting challenge on homerecording.com. The theme was "emptiness".
GONE © 2009 Mike Pilling Empty house, empty streets Same old same old, just repeats Empty feeling in my soul You had gone Empty nights, empty days Stumbling through it, in a haze It was out, of my control Since you’d gone [CH] Coming home, the room was cold Overnight, I felt so old Coming home, the light was on But it was dark Yeah it was dark Because you’d gone How did I help, create this mess? The whistling wind, cried emptiness I heard a voice outside the door But you’d gone I wouldn’t change, I wouldn’t say That everything was not OK My footsteps echoed, on the floor Cause you’d gone [BRIDGE] Now there’s a phrase, time has a way And tomorrow doesn’t have to be today Don’t start over – start again Pull some sunshine through the rain [CH] Coming home, the room is warm Clouds are clearing, from the storm Coming home, the light is on My emptiness My emptiness Yeah my emptiness is nearly gone
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