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The Monster on Mandrake Street, Episode 2
The Monster on Mandrake street is a Pestworld Story, written by Colin P. Davies. For more information in the flora, fauna, and fools of pestworld, please visit Colin at http://colinpdavies.com/
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Colin P. Davies
Copyright Cyberwizard Productions
November 14, 2009
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a€œPests and Pestilencea€쳌: First Edition: Page 226: Definitions: Pest: generic term for any of two thousand plus life-constructs melded in the laboratories of Benolettia€™s University of Plateau or the Smithsonian Extrasolar Institute of Life Sciences. In spite of the one hundred kilometer separation of the two educational centers, the rivalry that grew between them swelled beyond a healthy competitive drive to create new self-replicating life variants into a one-upmanship battle between the students in creating their own eponymous pests to compete in the annual contest. The greater the novelty, the greater the kudos. However, with the inevitability of a leak in a gene pool, the creatures escaped and reproduced and the Infestation had begun.