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The Monster on Mandrake Street, Episode 3
The Monster on Mandrake street is a Pestworld Story, written by Colin P. Davies. For more information in the flora, fauna, and fools of pestworld, please visit Colin at http://colinpdavies.com/
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Colin P. Davies
Copyright Cyberwizard Productions
November 14, 2009
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“Pests and Pestilence”: First Edition: Page 295: Definitions: Thompson fanger: a dangerous pack-pest, fond of co-ordinated ambush and bloodsucking, the fanger has nevertheless established itself as a valuable commodity in the commercial life of Pestworld. Whilst of no use for flight, the silvered bat-wings open out to three meters to maximize radio reception for communication with its pack-mates. Used widely for constabulary waistcoats since the amazing incident now popularized in the nursery story “Jack’s Bloody Knife And The Fanger That Wouldn’t Die”, the major market for the wings has moved to the remoter regions of the planet, where they have found use as superior trivee aerials.