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The Monster on Mandrake Street, Episode 4
The Monster on Mandrake street is a Pestworld Story, written by Colin P. Davies. For more information in the flora, fauna, and fools of pestworld, please visit Colin at http://colinpdavies.com/
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Colin P. Davies
Copyright Cyberwizard Productions
November 14, 2009
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“Pests and Pestilence”: First Edition: Page 273: Definitions: Stringfinger: popular name for the dupres binding monkey. The appellation does not do justice to the ingenious fiberspinning glands and rotating fingers which permit the creature to plait, wrap and knot. The stringfinger has long been a major headache for the Mail Service due to its predisposition for parceling up smaller rodent pests and depositing them in mailboxes. Rumors of address labels, correct postage and successful deliveries have become part of the mythology of the Service.