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The Monster on Mandrake Street, Episode 5
The Monster on Mandrake street is a Pestworld Story, written by Colin P. Davies. For more information in the flora, fauna, and fools of pestworld, please visit Colin at http://colinpdavies.com/
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Colin P. Davies
Copyright Cyberwizard Productions
November 14, 2009
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“Pests and Pestilence”: First edition: Page 437: Pest-Songs: The tradition of Pest-songs started in the earliest days of the Infestation and progressed from nursery rhymes designed to terrify children to sophisticated operatic arias designed to terrify adults. The most celebrated hits and successful money earners were the songs from the musicals: “Flying With Wings” from Pests, “I Have a Scream” from Seven Pests for Seven Parishes, and “Lorry with a Fridge on Top” from Pest Ride Story, amongst others.