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The new Brassholes song straight from the studio to you! Prepare to rock out and skank it up at the same time! And listen to the hi-fi version or preferably download the song, the lo-fi kind ruins it a bit.
Alternative - Ska
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Lyrics - Dave Logan, Music - The Brassholes
October 16, 2004
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Well I'm such a moron all the time And personally I think that's Perfectly fine The feeling of not knowing Only going on intuition The horrible wondeful state of The human condition CHORUS: I'm hoping and I'm praying The things that she'll be saying Will get rid of this feeling Wondering if I Should just turn out the light And say good night now I know Either way Something's got to give Something's got to go Staying Up all night Gonna find out what's right Gonna find out Tonight! Anticipation, admiration, temptation, frustration Keeps me on the edge of my seat Feel like I need a voice over, and moreoever a good narrator Why is my life always like the adventures of Pete and Pete? BRIDGE: And isn't it funny How nothing ever Stays the same way for long? Yeah, so funny I say isn't it funny How everything can Go so absolutley Perfectly wrong? So funny, yeah yeah It's both a reassuring thought And an absolutley terrorfying thought I don't know what's going to happen I just know it's going to happen tonight I wonder if she'll see what I mean Hoping that I won't have to dream I wish I knew what will happen I just hope everything will be all right What? Who knows?
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