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Tired and Wired Live on X94
Recording of our live set on X94 on 1/7/04
Alternative - Ska
Previous peak charts position #154
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #8
The Brassholes
January 08, 2004
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Story behind the song
This song is about being up late at night and not being able to sleep. Interesting note: at the live recording of this, we all played into one mike.
I'm not up But I'm not down Not making much sense Anyway I type away at My PC And hope that the rays Aren't killing me I'm happy to say That I've found a way To get in an Entire day Sure to get no Pointless comercails Good informative Infomercails CHORUS: Oh well I could use a slicer Oh well I could use a dicer Oh well Neither of those I allready own Oh well I'm too far from the phone Because I'm tired and wired Those two do not mix I'm semi-unconcious Just need a quick fix Of my beverage of choice No "caffeine-free" here Some Surge and some ice Now I'm into high gear I can't see And I can't focus And I don't know Who I am Not the product Of self detection Good old fashioned Sleep deprevation Reading old Magazines Feeling cold Join the Marines Eyelids heavy Chevy to the levy Can't be weak Cannot sleep! CHORUS CHORUS
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