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Look For The Sunshine
A 1950s style Big Band swing. Nice horn arrangement with muted trumpets and sultry sax solo. Uplifting lyric about finding the silver lining and healing after a break-up.
Single - $1.25
Jazz - Swing
Previous peak charts position #29
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #5
Michel Goudreau
Michel Goudreau
November 06, 2009
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4:01 minutes
Story behind the song
A song I wrote after a difficult break-up and divorce. Music is therapy !
LOOK FOR THE SUNSHINE Sure as the sun will rise tomorrow It will be a brand new day My heart won't hurt so bad Blue skies will chase the rain away I long to not feel so sad Just skip and jump on my way Sure as the moonlight glows so bightly I'll be feeling fine I know I can see that silver lining It's getting clearer everyday Dark thoughts are disapearing Now I'm sure that I'll be ok Time heals all wounds they say I think that saying must be true Just live one day at a time Your soul will guide you through and through Sure as the sun will rise tomorrow I'll look for that sunshine day Words & Music : Michel Goudreau ┬ęCopyright 2009 by Michel Goudreau, SOCAN
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