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Fractured Symmetry Remix
Remix by alchemystic (www.alchemysticaudio.com). Good job Adam!!
Rock - Rock General
Previous peak charts position #280
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #69
November 02, 2009
MP3 3.7 MB
128 kbps bitrate
4:05 minutes
Story behind the song
The original version sounded like I was bog-snorkeling while I recorded it so I asked Alchemystic, Adam Kirby (www.alchemysticaudio.com) to do a remix. Needless to say, if it came down to a mixing contest he would kick my backside to Blackpool and back. Much clearer sound but the only problem was I had to redo the vocals and being clearly out of practice, they are clearly not up to scratch. Still good stuff IMO:-)