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yin & yang
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shaun hull
October 29, 2009
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Story behind the song
it speaks for itself
Yin & Yang There's two sides to every story and then there's two sides to you one thinks it knows just what it wants the other doesn't know what to do stand up and then sit down run towards then run away you fall down then get back up try to speak but you're blown away (hey hey hey) You told me that you had it all figured out but your calculations just weren't right you think you're standin' in the middle of the day but it's twelve-o-clock at night you say that you're innocent when you know you're guilty as sin you keep sayin you're gonna kick them all out but you keep bringing more back in Two sides like Yin & Yang heads and tales and yes and no two sides like night and day purple rain and yellow snow you'd like to stay and try to explain but there's nothing left to say I'm not the kind to stand and complain so I'll just sit back and play, (hey hey hey) You told me that you knew how to swim then you sank just like a rock said that they took your drivers license but I see you speeding round the block well it's too late to go to church 'cause they just stopped ringin' the bell so please don't be prayin' in my ear 'cause you're prayin' loud as hell (o,well well) -guitar- The kids have all left and moved away but you still think they're at home and you party like you're in a crowd but you're layin' there home alone so don't ask me what I think it is cause I'm as messed up as you and anyway I'd probably lie 'cause we never did speak the truth Two sides like Yin & Yang heads and tales and yes and no two sides like fire and ice yellow rain and purple snow you tell me that it's goodbye then you call me on the phone to say that your commin' over but honey I'm not alone two sides to every story...