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In California
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Moody, jaded midtempo rock song about fame and broken dreams; in the vein of Matchbox Twenty or Counting Crows
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Capers Simmons
October 26, 2009
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“In California” Capers Simmons VERSE I There's witches in the West, and if you're not careful They'll wrap you up in a sparkling bubble And take you somewhere over the rainbow A place no place like home. There's witches in the West: some are good, some wicked; Take your chances, 'cause you can't tell the difference. You can pray to God in a old Spanish mission, Still pray. CHORUS And there's no such thing as the American Dream, Unless you're beautiful, And there's no such thing as beautiful enough. But I still believe in miracles, Unless we both give up. And if there's no such thing, believing is all we've got In California. VERSE II In Hollywood the sun is just another starlet, Wish upon her fall like Jiminy Cricket, She grants one wish then throws ten million Other prayers away. If you ever had to trust in the kindness of strangers Don't stop now, it's far too dangerous. Hold on to me, and I'll be your savior 'Cause there ain't no God in the City of Angels, They say. ~CHORUS~ BRIDGE When you're losing yourself Turn into somebody else I think America likes you better that way Did you fall off the truck? There are no honest bucks To be made on the maximum wage. You pay. CHORUS II 'Cause there's no such thing as circumstances Beyond your own control. And there's no such thing as trying hard enough. 'Cause I still believe in second chances If you can't land your shot, But if there's no such thing, give this one all you've got. ~CHORUS~
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