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Can You Hear My Song
Alternative - Indie
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December 08, 2009
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1. Can you hear my song, does it caress your ears? Does it linger long and evaporate your tears? Does it lift your mood, brighten up your days? Is it warm and good like the sunlight’s rays? 2. Can you feel my heart pulse throughout the song? A soft beat at the start soon surges loud and strong Sense the passion rise, feel the crescendo build Lean back and close your eyes, let your soul be music-filled Bridge 1: Let the lyrics impart emotions strong Surrender your heart, climb aboard my song Let it transport you to a magical place Where you can feel the love of my warm embrace [Guitar solo] Bridge 2: Fly away with me high on fantasy Flow with my song, grow our love strong [Repeat verses 1 & 2, then bridge 2, end with:] Don’t linger long
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