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Wah Wah
World - Reggae
Previous peak charts position #229
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #40
derek clabby
derek clabby
October 09, 2009
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2:57 minutes
Story behind the song
about how the modern world is moving so fast, everyman/woman for themselves.
wah wah everything is wah wah nowadays don't get mad get even don't feel bad when your scheeming don't slow down 'cause you know you're gonna pay get rich quick or you're gonna fail you failure don't be shy say what you mean as your passing by do as you please 10 thousand miles and all we doing is travelling and every bliana (year) it's getting faster & faster wah wah everything is wah wah nowadays can't tell the seasons from each other i heard this from my mother if this is the end then bring it on we won't be missed when we're all long gone, so long
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