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A Rose For A Dying Muse
Epic doom/death metal track featuring female vocals and violins.
Metal - Heavy Metal
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dan robinson
January 04, 2004
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Story behind the song
Neoclassical doom/death metal epic written for best friend Dave Theberge who died in '99.
A ROSE FOR A DYING MUSE 01' Smothered light fades slowly Dreams they end, snow falling headstones bleached with blackness A mother's tear reminds us to celebrate the life that once lived. And the poetry that spoke through his eyes Celebrate the life that once lived. Brave voyage through the dark awaking Come Brothers Gather in mourning ...celebrate the life that once lived and the poetry that spoke through his eyes. Shed a tear for all is not lost, our eyes have forgotten our souls they have not Once again I fall towards the earth with a tear at my brow and a rose for the dying. Hear me now though I am dying, please stay, hear my words. Our time on earth has gone forever, though my thoughts of you remain. Had I done something to change this, would you have stayed with me. My arms are hurt but their not broken, I will carry you with me. Solace laughs on a distant shore, while the rest of us fight the ripping tide. In a sterile room with curtained gloom, you hovered over me hovering over you. with crowded eyes and mustache that wasn't your own. But those crooked teeth still made you smile immortal. Be strong, don't fall I'll carry you there - burden. gray skies gathered in your eyes forging on my soul is braced against the hull of my craft. so I prepare to sail towards the shore. As winter dawns upon your heaven ,the lamb of God shall weep in waiting. such grief for it seams that the weight of the lies down upon our shoulders. Rise, Rise, Rise in loving memory of david theberdge 75/99
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