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HipHop - Spoken Word
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October 04, 2009
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Dreamworlds Beat: Dreamworlds Dreamworld mindset that I digress and I know that I used to be the best that was my opinion and not of the rest you could then take what I say and be blessed but I'm no prophet I just had to live the test and I'm no elder but I'm holding my chest I'm not incomplete, I'm lyrically me That sound is only loud when its demanded of thee wait and you please, know and you tease Take a seat and I'll rhyme similes Similarities of the two that I think are fine I want more in rhyme so I create mine double thine line by line when I try to make time Even in another world I create the sign That you see so high up in the blue sky I ask many questions but I mean not pry Thats tight you hear it when I say it and you know I'll get it right run far into the maze, there is no need to fight when its found climb the mountain, but make sure to pack light Taking all mind states, away from the viewing box so they can live life, and stay away from the paradox of words when they see, what they want on that screen and give name to the person, who helps them see green Speaking my words clearly, making sure they're direct So people get the picture, that they want me to connect When they don't understand, what is meant they become erect forcing the mind process, to start up and dissect now I'm breaking you down into a basic structure I find that you are no more than a simple blunder dispersed by the occurrences that makes me wonder what in this world could possibly bring me under Because I'm on top of it all but I've been know to fall taken from friends and family I love all of y'all even when I'm working hard, and my hands are bleeding raw and I'm living like I'm cutting an oak, down with a hand saw even when I'm dead and gone keep hope and stand tall when in trouble you need to remember the golden law