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If It Aint Music
Second single release for the euphonic wunderkind Christopher "IQ" Moore, aka "Stinga Singa" on World Warrior Records label from his album GOT TO KNOW GOD
Single - $1.00
Urban - R&B/Soul/Pop
Previous peak charts position #1,072
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #623
September 16, 2009
MP3 3.7 MB
128 kbps bitrate
4:00 minutes
Story behind the song
Artist name: Christopher IQ Moore Aka: Stinga Singa Genre: (fusion of pop music and reggae) Products & services: Record Albums & performing at events Biography- Born Christopher Migail Moore in Kingston, Jamaica to a bloodline of singers where he was surrounded by many talented musicians, this euphonic wunderkind discovered his ear for music at the age of 8. By the age of 10 while living in the United States of America he skillfully began composing his own music, writing his first song that same year. His music is strongly influenced by his Jamaican background as well as British Pop, American Pop/R&B and Alternative Rock. His musical influences include the great Bob Marley, Sam Cooke, Michael Jackson, and Phil Collins. Music comes naturally to Christopher and as he matures so does his sound. His main objective is putting out songs that keep onesa?? attention on everyday realities and help to inject a true sense of morality into todaya??s society. With this mindset and his unwavering belief in self, Christopher a??IQa?? Moore is well on his way to being recognized as a top revolutionizing force amongst performing artists. Currently, the artist also known as the a??Stinga Singaa?? is completing his debut album a??Got to Know Goda?? due in stores 10/23/09 while steadily building his management and production team. IQa??s purpose to educate and promote meditation and reflection has become evident to those fortunate enough to have known him beforehand on what promises to be a historic journey ahead. For booking and management contact: Route 27 Entertainment Where talent takes you places... Artistic & Career Development Booking, Promotion, Event Planning Personal & Business Management, Consulting Phone: 1-516-451-9232 E-mail: route27@inbox.com Feature Artist: http://www.myspace.com/stingasinga http://www.youtube.com/stingasinga
V1) Well how yuh gone treat me girl Like I, like I was sort of nutn Like I was sort a nutn Baby I memba the first time I met yuh Memba the first time I kissed yuh I hold you tight don't I ? I held you right didn't I ? An then yuh wana talk alot of stuff Talkin about how I can't keep you up, no more Because I'm too rude, because I'm on the road doin wat I got to do Chorus Well if it ain't music, Girl I think I will Lose it Well if it ain't music, I don't even think you would be here with Chris Well if it ain't music, I don't I don't wat to do An if it ain't music, Girl I'm jus telln you the truth V2) I know that it's Kina hard, because I'm tryna step up the ladder don't dog An because mi Neva bow fi mek it An mi Neva rob nuh body kid fi get it Some seh mi fi easy back an start sell weed, or start sell crack But no it nah go lead to that, Mark Speare Mi a sing an mek di world jus breathe to dat But music music is a part of me That's from the start of me Music music music, that's in all of we An I ain't tryna lose it girl So don't confuse it girl I'm tryna run this music world That's why i choose this girl So let me infuse you world Rpt chorus The music my music Got me going on The music my music Oh My word is my bond The music my music Please listen to my songs The music my music Oh no I'm not tryna lose it Rpt chorus
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