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In My Soul
The Place To Find Answers When You Can't Find Them Anywhere Else
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Country - Christian Country
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Morris P. Rainville
September 18, 2016
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IN MY SOUL M.P. Rainville Chorus In my soul, the answers are found It's been a long quest, but the years have been sound Now I know, the answers are found, In my soul. There once was a man and his name was John He wasted many years, trying to prove things wrong He didn't take time to enjoy his family, waiting around. His family grew up and they all left home With still no answers, he felt alone Then he looked within, and the answers he found, in his soul. ...To Chorus & Music Break There once was a man, and his name was Bill He made people do things against their will He thought that power was the way to get, the best of life. Things began to change and coming apart The hurt was quick and went straight to the heart He humbled himself and he found a light, in his soul. ...To Chorus & Bridge. Bridge In my soul, in my soul No use looking elsewhere but my soul. ... Music Break & Chorus to End. 1989, Rarerabit Music (socan)
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